Whether you’re coming in for service, or you’re a volunteer joining us to serve, your experience at the Food Hub matters.

We want you to feel valued, loved and appreciated when you come through the doors of the Lancaster Food Hub, no matter who you are.

When you enter the waiting room at the Lancaster County Food Hub, you will be greeted with a warm smile, and you’ll receive a red or white card, depending if you are coming for food or clothing.

You are required to bring at least 2 forms of identification to receive services from the Hub.

You can only receive clothing once every two months, but you can receive a food order once a month.

While you wait, you will see doors opening and closing and people constantly coming and going.

You will hear phones ringing, keys being typed, and information being exchanged.

You will smell the scent of used clothing, ready to be shared, and a mixture of pleasant aromas.

You will feel comfortable, as people talk quietly with their family, friends and neighbors.

You will see small children and families waiting and playing with others.

“18 red!” a volunteer exclaims in the waiting room

A couple stands up from their black, stable and simple chairs and follows the red-shirted volunteer into a quiet office.

The couple’s desires are fulfilled, and they are taken into the clothing bank and helped to find the proper clothing.

Our clients come to the Food Hub ready to be served. Our community is counting on us.

The Lancaster County Food Hub is privileged to meet the needs of our community, and ensure everyone in the waiting room is valued and their needs provided.