The Rohrerstown Grocery Outlet is partnering with the Lancaster County Food Hub for a 5 for 5 Campaign.

Every July the Grocery Outlet facilitates a generous campaign and choses a local organization to give back.

This year, the proceeds are benefiting the Lancaster Food Hub!

Fun Fact! The Grocery Outlet originally heard about the Food Hub just by googling a local food pantry! The Lancaster County Food Hub is privileged to be the largest provider of food for the food insecure in our Lancaster Community. Last year, the Food Hub served food to over 31,000 people!

We recently talked with Ellie, co-owner of the store. “My husband and I believe that being part of the community is serving those within it,” shared Ellie. “We want to touch people’s lives for the better. Being family owned, we are able to show our children what we mean about morals and standards by demonstrating through our business.” Even the cashiers are passionate about giving, as they “ask each customer about how they can help the Grocery Outlet to help the community,” exclaimed Ellie.

Wondering how to get involved? Visit the Grocery Outlet at 2108 Spring Valley Road in Lancaster. When you checkout with your groceries, donate $5 or more to the Lancaster County Food Hub. To thank you for donating, the Grocery Outlet will give you a coupon for $5 off a future purchase of $25 or more.

The Grocery Outlet is also glad to receive donations from other local businesses, and in turn will advertise for the business on their social platforms.

“Come by and check our store out,” Ellie shared. “We make your budget go a LONG way. If you shop us first you can save so much!  We have a great selection of organic and NOSH (natural organic specialty and healthy foods,) fresh produce and more!”

Thank you, Grocery Outlet, for your kindness and generosity. We are so grateful for you!