Our Community is inspired, fresh and full of flavor!

Just last week, one woman picked up food from the Food Hub to prepare for a community meal.

Our hats go off to individuals like Christina and her team from St. Anne’s church, who prepare delicious meals at St. Mary’s Church.

We are able to support our local community church partners with food including meat and seafood that normally exceed the price of many budgets.

We are very thankful for our business partners in the community who donate such wonderful food items to us such as Target, Whole Foods, Gobble and more!

On the menu for St. Mary’s meal is boneless pork loin roasts, shrimp and fresh vegetables (cauliflower, broccoli florets, cubed butternut squash, banana peppers).

Christina plans to flavor it all up with fresh red onions, scallions and shallots!  Her chef imagination will work in the sauces and other ingredients.

One day following the meal, Christina shared the success of her community meal. “The sauce donated worked so very well with the roasted pork loin,” Christina shared. “Tamarin [sauce] is such a unique and savory flavor. The roasted fresh broccoli, cauliflower and butternut squash went over very well.” Christina proceeded to explain that seconds were served, and there was hardly any food left over. “Cookies for dessert seemed to be a favorite,” she added.

What a wonderful comunity meal, with gourmet and tasty food! “Wow!” even exclaimed Gail Rittenhouse, Executive Director of the Lancaster County Food Hub, when she heard about the amazing community meal that was hosted by St. Mary’s.

The community is blessed to have St. Mary’s church as a generous host for community meals.

We are privilaged to be a resource and to help fulfill the needs in Lancaster County.

Pictured below, Christina with the food from the Lancaster County Food Hub (left), and the meal Christina and her team prepared to serve at St. Mary’s (right).