About the Hub.

Serving with faith & compassion since 1947


Lancaster County Food Hub Serving with Faith and Compassion - Food, Clothing and Shelter in Lancaster, PA for 75 Years


Rooted in Faith & Compassion, we provide services that honor the dignity of all by striving to meet basic human needs.



1. Serving Anyone in Need

We believe that everyone has the right to have their basic needs met.

2. Dignity of the Individual

We believe in the dignity of all individuals.

3. Inclusive Faith

Motivated by faith, we welcome all in our community to join us as we provide for those in need.
Lancaster County Food Hub Serving with Faith and Compassion - Food, Clothing and Shelter in Lancaster, PA for 75 Years

Meet Our Lancaster Food Hub Team

We love our team and we think you will too.

What makes this team so special is the way they serve. Everyone works hard, plays hard and takes our mission of serving with faith and compassion to heart. Next time you are at the Hub, stop and say hi!

Lancaster County Food Hub Staff

Paige McFarling

Paige McFarling

Executive Director

“Walking in the door of the Food Hub feels like coming home. Doing our best to meet the needs of all those who walk through our doors with dignity and respect – and getting to play with food every day! – is a privilege.

Life outside the Food Hub is filled with three teen daughters and their activities, outdoor time especially with the dogs, building stained glass, and lots of reading.”

Rauna Curry

Rauna Curry

Assistant Food Warehouse Manager

My favorite part about working at the Food Hub is, being able to help and serve everyone that comes through the door! It is very gratifying to be able to see the impact we all can make on others’ lives. Making clients and volunteers smile is always a plus as well 😀 Outside of work I love to hang out with my buddies and my 3 kitties!

Rebecca Saner

Rebecca Saner

Program Coordinator

“I feel spiritually driven to serve at the Lancaster County Food Hub. In alliance with the mission of serving with faith and compassion we are all given the opportunity to live out our Christian beliefs and commitments. In my time away from The Hub I prefer to recharge with family and as many puppies as I can fit in my lap.”

Delsie Dyer

Delsie Dyer

Office Administrator

I have always had a passion for service, so working at The Hub has been very inspiring, the energy from volunteers and employees truly depict the attitude “LOVE” is a verb!”

Andy Flaim

Andy Flaim

Food Warehouse Manager

“I came to the Food Hub because I did not want to just trade dollars for some business, I wanted to do work that was helpful to other people.  To make some kind of positive difference with my slice of life.  Getting to meet our neighbors has been extremely humbling and I love our volunteers who generously give their time/resources.  Outside of the Food Hub, I play bass in the Worship Band at LCBC.  Read.  Create.

Our team doesn’t just consist of our paid staff,
we have hundreds of volunteers who are just as special around the Food Hub.

If you’d like to be a part of our team through volunteering, reach out today!

Lancaster County Food Hub 2020
Lancaster County Food Hub 2020
Lancaster County Food Hub 2020

Board of Directors

Gregory Kile

Lanyce Roldan, MSN, RN
Vice President

Charles Stambaugh III

Pamela Raffensberger


James Bellis III

Corinne Foster

Craig Hartranft

Gregory Laszakovits

Jennifer Koppel


Joyce Martin

Luke Weber

Pamela Williams

Lindsay Casadei

Christopher Dreisbach

Steve Sullivan

Lancaster County Food Hub History

Our organization was founded in 1947 by a Council of Churches that came together to be a unified voice for the church and was appropriately established as the Lancaster County Council of Churches.

Over the years, the organization grew and developed into a large social service agency providing food, clothing, shelter and transportation for our neighbors in need.

As part of our commitment to meet the needs in our community, we purchased and renovated a large warehouse in 2014 located at 812 N. Queen Street where we still reside today. Housed in this space is our large Food Hub and Clothing bank.

In 2018, we embarked on a Strategic Planning process to help guide our future growth. Through that process, it became apparent that our name no longer best represented who we were to the people we serve or our community at large like it once had when we were founded in 1947.

In May of 2019, we officially unveiled our new name, Lancaster County Food Hub – Serving with Faith and Compassion.

Nothing has changed about who we are and how we serve. Our Mission and Core Values are strong and clear.

Lancaster County Food Hub Serving with Faith and Compassion - Food, Clothing and Shelter in Lancaster, PA for 75 Years