We are always grateful when a news outlet highlights the work we do. Day in and day out, we feed, clothe and offer shelter to our neighbors who are struggling. It’s no small feat and a sheer miracle to all who come to the Lancaster County Food Hub for the first time. It is our mission to impact more and more people and to do that, spreading the word about our services to those in need and to those who can offer a helping hand via volunteering or donations has a big impact.

This month we were honored to be featured in PA Eats and hope the highlight extends our ability to provide for even more neighbors in Lancaster, PA. Read the article to learn about our history (like how we started as a group of churches and worked out of a space no bigger than a three-car garage!) and our powerful current facts like how we serve 35,000 people in need each year. 

If you want to read about the uplifting work that we do – how we go about getting all of the good we distribute, how we distribute that food and clothing and how we have a shelter for all in need, this article is a great way to increase your awareness of the need in our area and how we are able to help in any way that we can. 

Thank you PA Eats for this uplifting highlight! 


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