It seems impossible that less than a year ago, I wrote to you saying, “this year has been rough. Things are not like they used to be. They haven’t been for a very long time, and they likely will never be again.”

I shared those words for the purpose of balancing them with hope, an unwavering vision of a just and inclusive community, and a resolve to make every effort to serve neighbors in the midst of social unrest and economic inequity.

And then, supply chains remained unpredictable, fuel costs soared, and historic inflation levels hit hard. The face of poverty in Lancaster County has been changing, and the demand for support services like ours has jumped dramatically.

As we do so often at this time of year, we’re prepared to share stories and pictures, send Extraordinary Give prompts, and of course, ask for donations. Try as we might, though, finding catchy, positive themes and enthusiastic fundraising ideas has proved to be a challenge.

What does feel right is to just get real. To be honest. Poverty is growing. Our clients are changing. People are hurting, both extended hurts from the pandemic and fresh hurt from unmanageable costs, hunger, housing woes, collective pessimism, and feeling like life is completely out of their control. There is fear and a loss of hope.

We’re committed to meeting our neighbors where they are and to help support them into more stable life circumstances.

Free food, free clothing, nightly emergency shelter, and supportive outreach partners to help along the way are all available under the long, red awning at 812 N. Queen Street. We’re here not only to provide the basics but also to build a little trust, share a little hopefulness, and stand beside those in need with faith and compassion.

Our vision of sharing hope and justice is not possible without you, all that you do, and all that you share.

We know you’ll understand when we say it’s time to get real about poverty on November 18th during the ExtraGive!

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