Lancaster County Food Hub Wheels to Work Program


Wheels to Work

Selling safe reliable cars well below retail prices.

Reliable transportation is not only convenient, but necessary when it comes to getting to a job, making certain children get to where they need to be and having choice mobility.

All Wheels to Work program vehicles are:

  • Inspected and needed repairs are made..
  • Free of major mechanical issues.
  • Sold to qualified program participants at a very discounted rate!

Do you need a car?

We can help!

Through our Wheels to Work program, we will help you own a reliable car.

How do I apply for the Wheels to Work program?

In order to be eligible for Wheels to Work, you need the following:

  1. A Lancaster County resident
  2. Have a valid Driver’s License
  3. Provide proof of part time or full time employment
  4. Be able to obtain PA Insurance for vehicle
  5. Have financial resources to purchase the vehicle

What kind of cars do you have and how quickly can I get a car?

The cars in this program are donated to us and are typically older vehicles with higher mileage.

Therefore we do not know what types of vehicles we will have at any one time and there may be times that we have no cars available.

The demand for this program always exceeds the number of cars we have so sadly there is no guarantee that we will be able to sell you a vehicle, but we would love to when they are available!

How much do the vehicles cost?

The price of each vehicle is based on a percentage of the “fair market value” of the car but typically the cars range between $1000 – $2500.

How do I apply?

To apply for this program, please click here to download the application. You can then email it back to us a, drop it off at our offices at 812 N. Queen Street, or mail it back to 812 North Queen Street, Lancaster, PA 17603.

A Car You Can Afford & Rely On

Through Wheels to Work. Helping you succeed wherever you need to go!

Together We Change Lives

Through Providing Affordable & Reliable Vehicles to Families Who Need It